Sui He “Future Forms” by Trunk Xu for Vogue China, September 2014 zuky:


1968, Asian American high school students attend the Black Panther Party funeral rally for Bobby Hutton,16 years old BPP member.

Nice pic and clip of history. That year, in 1968, my Mom was a new immigrant to the US from China, but she immediately identified with the Black Panthers struggle against racism and began attending civil rights and anti-war rallies, first in Berkeley and then in Chicago. When I was born in New York in the 1970s, my parents were printing a Chinese language progressive socialist newsletter out of our garage. That’s my Asian American upbringing.
"What remains of the radical left now operates largely outside of any institutional or organized oppositional channels, in the hope that small-scale actions and local activism can ultimately add up to some kind of satisfactory macro alternative. This left, which strangely echoes a libertarian and even neoliberal ethic of anti-statism, is nurtured intellectually by thinkers such as Michel Foucault and all those who have reassembled postmodern fragmentations under the banner of a largely incomprehensible post-structuralism that favors identity politics and eschews class analysis. Autonomist, anarchist and localist perspectives are everywhere in evidence. But to the degree that this left seeks to change the world without taking power, so an increasingly consolidated capitalist class remains unchallenged in its ability to dominate the world without constraint."

David Harvey, Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism (via

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sacrifice by t.A.T.u.

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Dile que por mí no tema by Celia Cruz y la Sonora Matancera

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Arlen Siu, martyr of the Sandinista revolution. Known as “La Chinita” (The Chinese Girl), she was active in the music group Pancasan and also fought against Somoza’s National Guard in the early years of the war. She died in combat in 1972 at age 20. She also wrote a number of essays on Marxism which I have been thus far unsuccessful in finding online. I may try to contact the FSLN directly to get a hold of them.
Since I didn’t have time to do a Song of the Day, here’s a link to a video of famed Nicaraguan folk singer Carlos Mejia Godoy performing his song "El Zenzontle Pregunta por Arlen" (The Mockingbird is Asking About Arlen), dedicated to her memory.
Powerful women revolutionaries should be promoted widely!!!